Mozzy Foundation is an inspirational brand that inspires the youth.

Mozzy is the acronym for MONEY OVA  ZERY ZANG YOUNGIN . The brand was started in 2011 and is the brainchild of Sacramento, CA recording artist and entrepreneur Hus Mozzy ( Quintin Joyner Jr ). Hus Mozzy was the first to start Mozzy Foundation to the world with a small business plan he has networked threw out the Bay Area & Southern California.  Mozzy Foundation has grown from a small mom & pop name to a very popular and unique name in the underground streets of Sacramento. With buzz rapidly building Mozzy Foundation has been recognized within the world of sports, cannabis , music & movie entertainment and continues to grow.

We have connected with bodies of hip-hop moguls & professional sport starz, r&b artists, college students & expanded in every hood in California. The unique style of design will always have different & new projects with a very cultural blendz, edgy colors, catchy photos & artistic messages with a lot of trend setting ideals.

Some of the brand most popular clothing includes outerwear, pull over hoodies, crewneck, t-shirts, caps & beanies. In late 2017 production will be more groundbreaking accessories, such as bags (backpack, duffle bags, promo bags, etc.) ,panties, smoke essentials (ashtray, etc.), keychains, cups, socks & belts. 

Mozzy clothing is looking forward to big business in the near future and has brainstormed power plays with fast forward growth plans. Mozzy clothing will always stay loyal to fans, supporters, and the community to make sure the world see you in this desirable fashion.

Hus Mozzy started with a small bundle of shirts and has elevated to pull over sweaters, joggers, hats & beanies.

Around the end of 2013 with the word-of-mouth, tremendous hustling skills, social media plus blogs - The brand blew up which sent the sales threw the roof and He immediately made the website and start selling them exclusively online.

As founder and co-owner of Mozzy Foundation, Hus Mozzy wanted to show his community a unique way to build a bridge in the gap of the streets & business such as working on yourself by building your own business from ground up to become your own boss in this urban lifestyle.